It is well known that link popularity is a major factor that affects the ranking in search engines. Writing and submitting articles is one of the easiest ways today for internet marketers to gain links and targeted traffic for their business, blog or service. It is completely free but it takes a lot of work to submit articles manually. To help you in the process here is a list of the most popular article directories.

How it works: Most article directories allow you to write something about yourself or your website in what is called the resource box. It is usually located just below the article, and this is were you can put links to your website. Make sure to use the keywords you are optimizing for as the anchor text. It’s also better if the article you are submitting is relevant to the topic of your website.

Don’t submit the same article to several directories, search engines like unique content. Submitting original content will give much more weight to your links. If you submit the same article to more than one directory the search engines might flag it as duplicate content and penalize it. You need to make some changes to the article before submitting it to another directory. That way you will gain the maximum benefit of each submission.

Promote your articles! Share the links to your articles on social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook. This way they will get more traffic, and that means more people will click your links in the resource box.


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