Below are some traffic exchange sites where you will not only get more traffic to your site, but also earn real cash while surfing.

EasyHits4U – One of the most popular traffic exchanges around. EasyHits4U has been online since 2003 and currently has over 380,000 registered members. The surf ratio is 1:1 and there is a 5 level referral program. Standard members are allowed to add 15 different sites and there is a geo targeting feature, which allows you to set which country or continent you would like the visitors to come from. There are two ways to earn money on this site. The first is surfing. You get paid $0.30 for every 1000 sites visited and there is no limit on how much you can surf per day. The second is by referring new members, which pays $0.10 per active referral. Minimum payout is $3 and the payment options are PayPal and AlertPay.

ShineLight Traffic – This site pays $0.30 per 1000 sites surfed. The daily surfing limit is 1000 pages for free members and 2000 for upgraded members. If you surf 500 pages or more per day for the whole week (Sunday-Saturday) you earn an extra $0.50. You also earn $0.10 per active referral. Surfing and referral contests are held regularly with the chance to win even more cash. Payments are sent with PayPal on the 10th of every month (minimum $10).

Rainbow-Traffic – A manual traffic exchange with dynamic ratio. Surf 500 pages per day for 7 days (Sunday-Saturday) to claim $0.50 loyalty reward bonus. Top 3 surfers every month earn $5.00 + 500 credits, $3.00 + 300 credits and $2.00 + 200 credits. Top referrers every month will receive $10.00 + 500 credits, $5.00 + 500 credits and $2.50 + 500 credits. There are also daily surf rewards where you can win credits or text/banner impressions. Minimum payout is $10 to PayPal, on the 15th of every month.

TopSurfer – Established in 2001, this site has 26,000+ active members. You earn $0.02 for every 35 sites viewed. You can also earn money by reading solo-ads. Just open the solo-ad and click the link to make $0.003. Once you have earned $10, payments are sent to your AlertPay account automatically every Wednesday.

EternityTraffic – On this traffic exchange you earn $0.01 for every 30 sites viewed and $0.10 for every referral who surfs 50 or more pages. The surfing limit is 1001 on weekdays and 1501 on weekends. The site also has daily surfing contests and referral contest with chances to win more cash. The surf ratio on EternityTraffic is 1:2 (1:1 for gold/pro members) with a 6-10 second timer. The minimum payout is $25 to verified PayPal accounts.


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