Here is a list of thousands of sites where you can build links to your site. The list contains many different kinds of sites: social bookmarking sites, blogs, profile links, directories, etc.

The complete list contains:

  • 459 Social bookmarking websites ordered by PageRank. (.xls)
  • 693 Blogs with dofollow comment links. (.xls)
  • 10,000 Pligg social bookmarking sites. (.txt)
  • 41,000 Scuttle social bookmarking sites (.txt)
  • 274 Press release sites ordered by PR (.txt)
  • 427 .edu sites with guestbooks (.txt)
  • 1,460 .edu blogs (.txt)
  • 4,000 WordPress blogs with auto approved comments (.txt)
  • 216 Profile links (.txt)
  • 535 Article directories (.xls)
  • 6,000 phpLD link directories (.txt)

A total of over 65,000 sites where you can get backlinks!

Download link:


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