Building backlinks to your site is an important strategy for any internet marketer. However, not all links are equally valuable, and some may even be worthless. Many blogs, forums and article directories add an attribute called nofollow to their outbound links to discourage people from spamming the site with irrelevant links.

A normal dofollow link on a web site will look something like this:
<a href="">Link</a>

To make an individual link nofollow, the value is added to the rel attribute in the html link tag:
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Link</a>

It is also possible to make all links on a page nofollow by using the meta robots tag in the head-section of the html page:
<meta name="robots" content="nofollow" />

The nofollow attribute was developed in 2005 by Google to help combat link spam in the comment section of blogs. It was designed so that webmasters could attach it to all unwanted links that are unrelated to their site, so that Google could improve the quality of their search engine results.

In search engines, every link can be considered a “vote” for the site linked to. A link from a site with high page rank, trust and authority is considered a more valuable vote and will pass on more “link juice” than a link from a low ranked site. What the nofollow attribute does is that it tells the search engine spiders to ignore the link and not pass any link juice to the site, making the link almost useless from a search engine optimization perspective.

However, there are some proof that nofollow links are not completely worthless. It seems like they do pass a very small amount of link juice, but probably too little to be useful for anything else than low competition keywords.


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  1. Even though they pass on little if any link juice, I do think that nofollow links are worth getting. Firstly, I read somewhere that Google might penalize you a little if you have absolutely no nofollow backlinks at all. It likes it if your link building is more “organic” apparently.

    Also, nofollow links still get clicks. And some of those visitors clicking on them might be bloggers who will give you a dofollow link at some stage if they like your website or blog.

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