CashClicking is a traffic exchange from the people behind LinkGrand. This site works like all of the other free traffic exchanges but with one unique feature: you can sell your credits for real money!

In order to sell credits you must first buy a seller’s license. This is to cover all transaction costs and it will never expire. The cheapest license is $5.00 and allows you to sell credits for $25.

Bonuses: Win tickets while surfing to the weekly lottery with prizes of over 10,000 traffic credits. Daily “mystery-credits” to random members who have surfed at least 20 sites. There are also poker and blackjack games where you can gamble and win credits.

Upgrades: $7 for 1 month. This includes 1:1 surf ratio, double commissions, random referrals and a free Bronze Seller’s License (worth $5) which allows you to sell credits for $25.

Payouts: PayPal or check. Minimum is $25 and there is a cashout fee of $1.00 + 1% of the payment amount.

Referral program: Earn credits on 5 levels (10%-10%-10%-10%-10%). You also earn commissions when any direct referral upgrades or purchases a seller’s license.


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  1. Hi.

    Can I be a credit seller and be a free member? And do credits sell? Or I have to wait a long period of time before I sell my credits?

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