Building backlinks to your site is an important strategy for any internet marketer. However, not all links are equally valuable, and some may even be worthless. Many blogs, forums and article directories add an attribute called nofollow to their outbound links to discourage people from spamming the site with irrelevant links. A normal dofollow link … Continue reading »

Here is a list of thousands of sites where you can build links to your site. The list contains many different kinds of sites: social bookmarking sites, blogs, profile links, directories, etc. The complete list contains: 459 Social bookmarking websites ordered by PageRank. (.xls) 693 Blogs with dofollow comment links. (.xls) 10,000 Pligg social bookmarking … Continue reading »

It is well known that link popularity is a major factor that affects the ranking in search engines. Writing and submitting articles is one of the easiest ways today for internet marketers to gain links and targeted traffic for their business, blog or service. It is completely free but it takes a lot of work … Continue reading »