is a new traffic exchange. Features: Up to 1:1 surf ratio Promote sites, banners and text-ads Fast surf timer. and more!

Below are some traffic exchange sites where you will not only get more traffic to your site, but also earn real cash while surfing. EasyHits4U – One of the most popular traffic exchanges around. EasyHits4U has been online since 2003 and currently has over 380,000 registered members. The surf ratio is 1:1 and there is … Continue reading »

There are thousands of useful add-ons for Firefox. Below is a list of add-ons to make traffic exchange surfing faster and more secure. NoScript – In my opinion, everyone surfing traffic exchanges should use the NoScript add-on. When surfing traffic exchanges, you are visiting a large number of sites. Some of them might have exploits, … Continue reading »

Logiscape Technologies Inc. is one of the biggest players in the traffic exchange industry today. They have been in the business since 2001, developing and operating some of the most innovative traffic exchange programs on the internet. Their network consists of 5 free traffic exchanges, all with unique features to help you get more traffic: … Continue reading »

Since Sweeva opened last month, just over 12,000 people have joined. If you haven’t heard about Sweeva yet, it is a whole new concept to traffic exchanges. Sweeva combines the old concept of traffic exchanges with social networking. What sets this traffic exchange apart from others is that everyone who is logged in is viewing … Continue reading »

CashClicking is a traffic exchange from the people behind LinkGrand. This site works like all of the other free traffic exchanges but with one unique feature: you can sell your credits for real money! In order to sell credits you must first buy a seller’s license. This is to cover all transaction costs and it … Continue reading »

EasyHits4U Payment Proof

My second payment, received 3 days after cash out, from traffic exchange EasyHits4U: EasyHits4U is a traffic exchange with 1:1 surf ratio and pays $0.30 for every 1000 pages surfed and $0.10 per active referral (100 pages surfed).